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Before & After photos taken 2 days apart. The skin re-grew as did the hair.


Originally misdiagnosed as an abscess. The sole was trimmed so significantly  that when correctly diagnosed with founder, the coffin bone was ready to push through the floor of the sole. 

This is 45 days of  growth doing  an energy healing series in conjunction with traditional veterinary treatment.


A student learning Multi-Method Energy Healing at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Florida.

Wholistic Energy Healing for Animals

Wholistic refers to something as whole, complete, not fractured or fragmented. 

I have worked with many different types of energy modalities throughout my life, and I've been blessed to work with many amazing animals and people over the past 20 years. Animals taught me that they are willing to let go of what does not serve them or their bodies. People have taught me that I must maintain a balance; having an open heart for each human, while always being the advocate for their animal, and their animal's wishes. 

Over time, my energy healing sessions became focused on the guidance/requests I receive directly from the animals.  The Wholistic energy healing that works best for each individual. My energy work is unique to my own way of connecting and working with each participant. As is the case with each energy worker you will encounter. 

I have worked with many animals in time sensitive but non-emergency situations where:

  • They have become injured but their injuries were not at a level of the vet deeming it necessary to travel to the barn, or the pet be brought to the vet office.

  • Energy healing was being added in addition to veterinary care and supervision to enhance healing.

  • Energy work to assist in maintaining, overall health and vitality of the animal who is neither injured, not ill. 

The benefit of energy healing work is that I do not need to be physically present to work with the animal if being in person is not an option.

Healing sessions take between 1 to 2 hours. Repeated sessions may be needed based on the injury or illness as well as each individual animal.

**Healing sessions are never scheduled in lieu of veterinary treatment. Only in conjunction with it.

Energy Clearing and Animal Communication for Crossing Over the Rainbow Bridge

At some point, we must all say goodbye (for now), to our closest friends. Our pets. They are family, sometimes they take the place of human families. 

The bonds are no less sincere, deep or heartfelt between a human and animal than between two humans. 

If you must plan for your pet to cross over, I am available for energy clearing and communication readings for you both. Nothing needs to be left unsaid, by either of you.

In some instances, I have been asked to come to the farm or home and be there when someone's pet is crossing over.  To me, there is no greater gift of love than a person willing to put their heart aside for what is best for their pet/fur-family member, and there is no greater honor than being there and holding space for their transition, and holding their owner's hand afterward.



Upcoming Locations:


Currently, 2024 In-Person Energy Sessions are available for the following locations:
January 2024 - Aiken, SC

February 2024 - Ocala & Webster, FL

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