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Animals Connect Radio Show

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Deb Brosnan is an animal communicator (animal to human translator) who uses her talents to help you connect with the animals you love. Working with all animals, living or passed on. 


Deb believes that when you learn to commune with the animals around you, your life shifts to an easier, happier place in every area of your life. Deb has learned that we as humans hold onto what we have done ‘wrong’ long after the event and the ripples of it. But through connecting with animals, the past is dismissed. Leaving only the brilliance of this moment. 

Wouldn't you love to know that your pet is actually your co-conspirator in helping you create your best life? A life you both live together? Yes, they really have a lot to share with you to help you live a life of joy, laughter and happiness in all ways.

Will you come learn and share with the animals who are waiting for you to connect to a happier fuller life with them?

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