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Classes & Clinics


Photos of the March 2019 Energy Healing for Animals (and humans) Workshop in Mims, Florida

Upcoming Locations:

Please contact Deb for availability and pricing. 

Clinics & Sessions for private owners or equine facilities are available beginning in January. 

The Nervous Rider No More! for any rider who suffers from nervousness, fear & anxiety.  Whether you are a competitive or non-competitive rider.  You can go from fear, anxiety & nervousness to a confident, joyful, balanced rider in 3 sessions or less.

Are you ready to enjoy riding again? Or for the first time?

Quick and effective. Available via Zoom sessions! 

Appointments are now being scheduled 2020.

Click Here for More information

Private Wholistic Riding Session

with your horse at your farm

You can choose from the 2 1/2 hrs Intro Session, 1/2 day Intro or a Full-Day Wholistic Riding Immersion Training [8 hours for one rider & multiple horses as time allows], Pre-booked in advance.

Wholistic Riding Session includes:

30 minute animal communication session (MP3 audio recording for you to keep)

Discussion of what issues/plateaus you would like to work on. 

Mounted & ground work sessions based on your individual needs. 

Video taping of the riding session available for additional fee.

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Wholistic Riding Testimonial


Deb is absolutely amazing!! I was having so many issues with my horse spooking and my just simply not enjoying riding her despite how much I wanted to. We just could not connect as a team. I spent 4 hours with Deb and my horse Figment. Deb communicated with her to start and made me aware of how my mare was feeling. She taught us ways to expel the energy within us which was not conducive to a good ride. She taught us to trust each other and listen to each other.... all within our first session. Figment and I had an amazing ride that day and have ridden almost every day since (3 weeks+) and all rides have been relaxed and fun. She’s a different horse and I really feel that we are in a great place together now. Debs ability to communicate with the horses and help us to understand how they are feeling and how we should communicate with them in return is priceless. I honestly feel she has saved my relationship with both of my horses. I am eternally grateful that I found Deb and plan to take lessons from her and work with her whenever I can!!!


Meryl G.

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