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Youth Riding Lessons

Welcome to the place where we love horses as much as you do! 

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All Photos Copyright Deb Brosnan & Heather Morey Photography


Deb is focused on teaching children, tweens & teens to become amazing equestrians while nurturing their love of horses. She teaches a limited number of students and uses her own personal horses. 


All lessons have a focus on safety & fun. With over 20 years experience teaching riders age 3 and up, Deb works with each individual student to learn their goals and their individual learning style. Helping them to reach their fullest potential while having fun. 

Personalized attention and instruction are the focus to give each student the most out of every lesson.  Because of the individual focus in lessons, Deb only offers Private & Semi-Private options. Semi-private lessons are only available for students who are age 11 or older, have been riding for a minimum of 1 year with Deb and are independent at the w/t.

Deb offers individualized programs in equitation, dressage, show hack, jumping, western pleasure and trail. These specialties are offered to meet the varied interests of her students. 

Lesson Pricing 

Lessons are pre-paid monthly. Openings are limited and only available to new students who will be riding year-round, with Deb. Students can take more than 1 lesson per week (as slots are available). 

WREC Student:

45 minute Private $80

30 minute Private $65

Semi-private $65  *Not available for beginners or students under 11 years of age 

Accelerated riding program (Lessons 6 days/week - 45 minute lesson) $1200/month**

**Available to advanced beginner level & higher - email Deb for specifics


Evaluation Session (30 minutes) required for any potential new student


Occasionally a slot will open for a seasonal rider (June - August). Seasonal riders pre-pay for the 12 week block of weekly private lessons.  The seasonal rider(s) from the prior year will have first right of refusal if slots are available the following summer.

New riders coming in during the month, the lessons will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons they will take during the month. If you are unable to make any of your lesson dates, notify Deb before the new session begins. One cancellation/reschedule per session.  Make up lesson must be taken by student registered for lesson block.

**Lessons are closed October 4, 2019 - October 19, 2019

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Copyright Deb Brosnan & Heather Morey Photography

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