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I'm Coming Home...But Where is it?

Every few years I get 'the bug' to put down roots and run my own farm. But that's a hard job, that only a few people do well. I love going and being with horses (don't we all). Spending quiet time together without other people around. Where we can simply 'be'.

Where I can teach lessons and let my students bond with the horses and vice versa.

Yet, there's a long hidden need deep inside of me, to not have roots. To see the world, but not as a tourist per se.

The truth is that when I am being genuine to myself, I find peace. The peace that I tried to find in my youth by chasing it down.

Now I found, when faced with 'what I want to be when I grow up' that it is still a constantly changing idea.

To promise myself to honor me first, above all others. Do you do that often? It's very tough at first. Like the first time I said 'I'm an animal communicator' to people. Or "My price is..." (fully expecting people to balk at my prices the first year of my business, which I've found peace with the outcome - regardless). Or even 'No' because it feels like doing something is sucking the life out of me but somewhere deep inside me I was taught this is what the world expects of me.

The more I step into being all of who I truly am, the more (at first glance) it seems that I am leaving behind amazing gifts that I have. Not because I am not grateful to have these gifts, but that these gifts have integrated into something larger and more complex. Something that is greater than the single ability can offer the world.

So my company Wholistic Riding is now my primary program. Traveling to do Clinics at farms and do private work with horse owners and their horses. The beauty of working face-to-face and embracing my way of working with riders and horses is that I can take a shattered relationship between horse & rider and bring them back together into a harmonious pair in only a few hours.

For those of you who do not know what Wholistic Riding is: Wholistic Riding is working with the horse and rider at a level beyond traditional instruction or training.  It is more than animal communication with your horse. It is expanded, combined work with both horse and human during in hand and mounted work. You ride and work together without separation. The rider and horse understand and communicate in 'real time'.

So although I will no longer be doing private readings after May 31, 2019. I will be doing Wholistic Riding full time and traveling around the world to work with clients to create and maintain end-to-end harmony with their horses. 

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