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Part 3 - Do you get upset when your animals act the opposite way you want?

Hi Everyone!

Continuing to question #3 of the 6 questions I asked you to answer in Part 1.

3. Do you get angry or upset if they act in a way you don't want them to? (Beyond puppy/kitten/colt/filly aged animals who are still learning?)

I know how it feels. You get yourself psyched up to work with your pet. You have yourself in the right mindset. You’ve set up time to work with your pet and…

The little bugger knows what you’re up to and had a double serving of stubborn with their kibble. UGH!

After several attempts, you start to get annoyed. Then you think that ‘nice’ isn’t working. Maybe try a little alpha leadership… Oh My Gosh! Nothing works.

You walk away thinking your dog, horse, cat, or bird has won. You have failed. Nope…you have not.

Lets try this. When you begin to work with your pet. Are you thinking (or visualizing) in your mind, what you want to have happen or what you don’t want to happen?

Sometimes it may feel like they are completely in charge...

When we are unaware of what we are thinking or visualizing in our minds, that doesn’t stop animals from being aware of it. When you say to your dog. “WHY do you keep peeing on the rug?!” You are seeing them peeing on the rug, in your mind right? The dog is seeing what you are visualizing and is completely confused as to why you are yelling. He just did what you asked.

Yes, it may seem too simple. But many times that is actually a contributing factor. Animals will learn our repetitive vocalizations but they are very telepathic and pick up on pictures we see in our minds much more readily.

So let’s try this. Simple exercise. Every time you are thinking about your pet doing a certain action. First start at the end. 😊

See the behavior or end result you want to have happen. Then FEEL the energy of pride, joy and excitement as you visualize your pet doing what you asked. Correctly…

Your pet will pick up on your energy and receive the picture you are seeing in your mind.

Give it a try and let me know your results!

Would you like a more personalized experience working with Deb and your pet in-person? Email her at Put "Looking for more joy with my pet again!!!"

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