This is a monthly Rapid Transformational Coaching Group for Equestrians who suffer from Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness when they ride.


This is a deep dive committment to having a new life, free from fear when riding! 


Each month will have a different focus on releasing what is blocking, stopping and minimizing your ease and joy when you ride. Using RTT Coaching to permanently & quickly replace fear anxiety and nervousness with the confidence, understanding, and joy that creates a truly abundant relationship with your horse in the saddle.


To start the month you will join Deb for a live Zoom class which includes a Group Rapid Transformational Coaching Session.


Join Deb for Telecall Q&As.


Exercises for each month to help you quickly & permanently shift to the ease and joy in the saddle and in life that you have been searching for.


Join Deb on a group Telecall with special guests spotlighting the monthly topic.


- You will receive MP3 audios of each week's sessions.

- You will get group coaching throughout the month.

- Private FB group to ask questions, chat with other members, share successes, break through blocks and have cheerleaders supporting you during your own personal journey!

- Each month is filled with additional audios and exercises (including surprise MP3s and videos from Deb) to help you grow, expand and take flight toward the life you have been waiting to live.

Monthly Rapid Transformational Group Coaching for Equestrians