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Welcome to Wholistic Animals

Wholistic refers to something as whole, complete, not fractured or fragmented. 

Wholistic Animals was created for my Animal Communication clients who wanted to go to the next level with their pets the same way my Wholistic Riding clients were able to. It includes animal communication and my ability to feel what animals are feeling. Combined to translate for both animal and human during the hands-on session. You work together without separation, in 'real time'. 

I work with the person and pet to explain not only how their individual pet communicates, but how they interpret the world around them. I introduce you to tools specific for you and your pet to help you both work together. 

What does that mean for you?

  • Imagine being able to 'speak' to your pet as you do with human beings? Imagine understanding what they are trying to tell you...

  • Imagine what happens when you have tools to understand where the breakdown is coming from?

  • Imagine what happens if you use these tools and apply them to your whole life as well? 

This is Wholistic Animals! An invitation to help move you past drama and behaviors that limit you and your pet from having a complete life. For almost 2 decades I have taught riders how to improve their riding with ease. Creating a much deeper understanding of how each rider can work with horses. Then it students and my animal communication clients asked. 


Can you teach me how to do this with my pet? Not just with horses? 

YES!!! I love working with animals and their people whether they have feathers, fins, or fur. 

Issues that you and your pet have had for long periods of time can fade away with simple steps and consistent, committed work on your part. 

This is not 'fluff' instruction or 'woo' other worldly imaging. You will learn solid effective ways of communicating and creating (or re-creating in some cases) the relationships, rules, boundaries and flexibility that come with being a balanced, happy team. 

Are you ready to change their world by expanding yours? 

***You must have a safe, secure location to work in. 

Interested in a Wholistic Animals Session?

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