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Welcome to Wholistic Riding!


Wholistic refers to something as whole, complete, not fractured or fragmented. 

If you are finally ready and willing to create the change you've been asking for with your horse, and in your life, then it is completely doable. Even if it has not happened thus far. The fact that you have not given up means that you know success is available to you. 

                                               - Deb Brosnan


Wholistic Riding is working with the horse and rider at a level beyond traditional instruction or training.  It is expanded, combined work with both horse and human during in-hand and mounted work. You ride and work together without separation. The rider and horse understand and communicate in 'real time'.


As a licensed horseback riding instructor, horse rehabilitator and animal communicator, Deb took her abilities to another level. For over 20 years, she has translated and explained to both horses and riders what, and why each are feeling and responding as the do. Teaching each rider not only how they are riding and communicating, but how their individual horse understands and interprets the cues given to them.


Traditional training and the horse's learning style may be miles apart. Deb teaches riders how to understand how the horse feels and interprets the world around them, as well as the best ways to work together for each individual horse/rider team. Teaching the rider how to use their body to create harmony and clear communication with their horse. Explaining where the breakdown in movement is coming from (the art of biomechanics) and the easiest way to re-align back into balance. Deb not only has the ability to see where the break in fluidity happens between the horse and rider, but is also able to understand from the horse's perspective, what is going on during the ride. Although it is not the same as carrying on a verbal conversation, Deb understands what the rider is physically doing or may be inadvertently telling the horse to do through their thoughts and emotions. 

Not only do the students learn to ride quickly and easily, she teaches them how to receive horses in a permanent,  new way.


Deb is absolutely amazing!! I was having so many issues with my horse spooking and my just simply not enjoying riding her despite how much I wanted to. We just could not connect as a team. I spent 4 hours with Deb and my horse Figment. Deb communicated with her to start and made me aware of how my mare was feeling. She taught us ways to expel the energy within us which was not conducive to a good ride. She taught us to trust each other and listen to each other.... all within our first session. Figment and I had an amazing ride that day and have ridden almost every day since (3 weeks+) and all rides have been relaxed and fun. She’s a different horse and I really feel that we are in a great place together now. Deb's ability to communicate with the horses and help us to understand how they are feeling and how we should communicate with them in return is priceless. I honestly feel she has saved my relationship with both of my horses. I am eternally grateful that I found Deb and plan to take lessons from her and work with her whenever I can!!!

Meryl G.


Deb Brosnan has been my daughter’s teacher for the past 4 years.  During this time my daughter not only became a confident rider, but Deb brought out the true horse lover in her.  She came to her as a shy, timid girl, and now has the confidence of a true horsewoman.  I cannot say enough about Deb, she is wonderful to the students. It enriches all of her students both children and adults. She teaches not only the basic lesson plans, she puts great emphasis on barn safety, and the rider’s responsibility for ensuring that they will always be safe. Her lessons go from basic lessons, to learning about breeds, temperaments, health of horses, economics of the horse world etc.


She is such an expert in her field, I would not trust anyone else to teach my daughter. We had been at barns before hers, and this is by far the most outstanding experience my daughter has ever had.


This riding program has allowed my daughter the versatility, to learn English and Western riding specifically, jumping. Deb has such vast knowledge, that she is willing and able to help in any area a child might be interested in.


I would highly recommend Deb Brosnan as a riding instructor to any parent.   Her own love of horses, transposes onto the children, and the end result, is a happy, confident rider. 

Kathleen T. 

Katherine & Oreo_edited.jpg

Deb has taught me that it's okay to take my time, trust my instincts, and believe in myself. I had a riding accident and fractured my scapula before riding with Deb. It was really hard to get back on a horse again and not be afraid. Deb helped me regain my confidence and she even ran beside me alongside the horse during lessons so I wouldn't be afraid.


I had another instructor who would yell at me and want me to try things that I wasn't comfortable with while I was trying to ride after my accident. That made me even more nervous! Deb helped me regain my confidence and let me work at my own speed. I always felt safe with Deb.

     Kara B. 

What Wholistic Riding IS:​

  • An invitation to help move you past issues and behaviors that limit you and your horse from having a happy, complete life.

  • Issues that you and your horse may have had for long periods of time can fade away with simple steps and consistent, committed work on your part. ​

  • You will learn solid effective ways of communicating and creating (or re-creating in some cases) the relationships, rules, boundaries and flexibility that come with being a balanced, happy team. ​

  • An invitation to learn the biomechanics of riding between horse and rider that creates harmony and clear communication with their horse under saddle. 

What Wholistic Riding is NOT:​

  • This is not 'fluff' instruction or 'woo' other worldly imaging.

    • You will use proven tools to create change.

  • It is not a magic pill.

    • You must work to create and maintain the change you seek.

  • It is not impossible.   

Your horse is a mirror of the world around it. Resolving issues you are living with in your own life can resolve most issues arising with you and your horse.

- Deb Brosnan

 Are you ready to change their world by expanding yours? 

***You must own or lease your own horse. 

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