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Empaths are born, not made. From birth Empaths have a heightened sensitivity to the emotions of everyone and everything around them. They perceive not only through their senses but can receive the thoughts of others (telepathy). An ability that can overwhelm and stress them in all areas of their lives. Empaths may be called 'too sensitive' about everything, but in fact they simply have not learned how to filter the world around them properly. 

Most Empaths believe that the emotions of those around them are focused AT the empath themselves, in truth, they are simply receiving the feelings of those around them.  Feelings of doubt, stress, fear, loathing are the most prominent and most likely to effect Empaths, but that doesn't have to be the case ever again. 

For over 30 years Deb Brosnan has worked to understand her own empathic gifts and has gone on to help others to understand and thrive as empaths in their own lives. 

By helping others to realize that being an Empath is not a curse but a gift bringing joy, happiness and prosperity not only to themselves but others has been her main objective. 

What could be better than knowing you are blessed to connect with the world on a much more profound, dynamic and joyful level? 

How about learning you can change the world around you just as dramatically. Because that is what you are here for! 


Deb in Egypt 2019

Are you ready to step out of the overwhelm in to the joy and happiness that is who you were meant to be? 

Classes are available live and online. Check out the Shop button above! 

Email Deb at or Click Here

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