Deb Brosnan, Rapid Transformational Coach 

Helping Empaths & Intuitives Eliminate Pain, Overwhelm & Lack in 90 days or less! 

Let me begin by saying, you are not broken, you are not unworthy. You are simply...temporarily...out-of-balance.

I work with intuitives & empaths to ELIMINATE:








I work with intuitives & empaths to CREATE:

Profound Understanding of their Gifts 

Unstoppable self-esteem

Unwavering Self-confidence

Unlimited Self-love

Permanent Prosperity mindset

Healthy boundaries in all areas of their lives

An open heart without sacrificing theirs

It's about choosing to permanently & quickly remove self-limiting beliefs. 

About your gifts. 

About YOU!


Empaths & Intuitives create success, ease, and joy in their lives differently than other people do.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Everyone's energy sticks to me.

  • People with bad energy find me.

  • WHY do I have this gift? It attracts toxic, selfish, people into my life. 

  • I'm so tired of giving until there is nothing left of me!

  • My family always gangs up on me at holidays and events.

  • I am sad and depressed all the time and I don't know how to fix it.




If you are ready to release all your unconscious blocks and replace them with what you CHOOSE to have in your life, you've found me for a reason! 

Learn how YOU create naturally. How you align yourself, your thoughts and actions to bringing joy into your life, permanently, YOUR WAY. In other words, tapping into your natural ease and alignment with the Universe/God/Spirit.

I know and understand your frustration. I've walked a mile in your shoes. 

You know what the most difficult thing was to accept?

That in the end, it never had to be difficult. The change was easy, it felt good, it felt freeing. I have more energy, joy and time in my life to LIVE! You can too!


Are you truly ready to change your life? Not in a year. Not even in 6 months.   

I'm talking about 90 days or less!

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It Doesn't Just Change Your Energy, It Changes Your Life! 


Working with me can take you quickly, easily to being more confident, balanced, in your pursuits. It doesn't just make you more successful in this one focus point.  When you release your hidden fears, insecurities and anxiety, you also shift to confidence, security, self-assuredness in ALL areas of your LIFE. You cannot have one without the other. It all changes. When insecurities are released they are released through your entire life. 

Are you ready to find out more?  What it is, how it works are we a right fit to work together? 


I am committed to helping people release the mindset that traps them.  Replacing it with thriving abundance.  


If you are truly committed to change, then it's time to schedule a FREE 10 minute call with me.   

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