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Wholistic Animals

Wholistic refers to something as whole, complete, not fractured or fragmented. 


Deb has been an animal communicator all her life. As a child, she not only loved being with and around animals but there was a space with them that was unique...

Acceptance without judgement.

All animals, birds, reptiles and fish communicate. Deb translates for all of them.

Deb has taken her animal communication abilities to another level as she translates for the animals.  She facilitates a conversation between owner and pet, helping to create understanding on a much deeper level. To receive each other in a new way. To collaborate. 


Animals are teachers who do not use words, but can teach more than any textbook.  About life, caring, loving, and so much more. They can take you to an amazing new world if you let them.

 - Deb Brosnan

Wouldn't you love to know that your dog, cat, horse, bird or other pet is actually your co-conspirator in helping you create your best life? A life you both live together?

When you learn to commune with the animals around you, your life shifts to an easier, happier place in every area of your life. We as humans hold onto what we have done ‘wrong’ long after the event and the ripples of it. But through connecting with animals, the past is dismissed. Leaving only the brilliance of this moment, and all the possibilities of the future.

 - Deb Brosnan

How does this help you?

  • Imagine being able to 'speak' to your pet as you do with human beings? Understanding what they are trying to tell you...

  • Imagine what happens when you have tools to understand where the breakdown is coming from?

    • From them?​

    • From you?

  • Imagine what happens if you use these tools and apply them to your whole life as well? 

    • What amazing possibilities can you create?​

Wholistic Animal Communication is:

  • An invitation to help move you past drama and behaviors that limit you and your pet from having a happy, complete life.

  • An invitation to allow issues that you and your pet may have had for long periods of time to fade away with simple steps and consistent, committed work on your part. 

  • An invitation to learn solid effective ways of communicating and creating (or re-creating in some cases) the relationships, rules, boundaries and flexibility that come with being a balanced, happy team. 

Are you ready to change their world by expanding yours? 

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Girl with Horse
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