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About Deb Brosnan


About Me - I walked more than a mile in your shoes (and fears)!

I am a Rapid Transformational Coach for Equestrians who suffer with anxiety, fear and nervousness during riding and competition.


But long before that, I was a fearful rider too!

At the age of five I began riding horses at a local facility. I was placed on a horse in a group lesson with as many as 10 people ages 5-70 and we all learned the same ‘lessons’ together (including jumping which at five years old, I had no interest in).


I became a master at falling off without killing myself. Down I came. Not just once, but over and over and over. My fear of riding became overwhelming and paralyzing.


My early experiences set me on a path to understand HOW to ride. For me, no matter how hard I tried to ride, something was missing. As I grew older, my head and my heart fought against each other. I loved horses, they were (and are) a part of who I am. My head feared riding horses while my heart needed to be with them.

Blessed to be guided to apprentice and subsequently become a Licensed Riding Instructor, I found that something strange happened. Nervous, fearful, anxious riders seemed to flock to me. They found me somehow. 


Through most of my teaching career, I also searched for answers by riding with different instructors.

My goal was to find a way for my students to release their fears to become the truly amazing riders I knew they could be. 

Regular riding programs took too long and results were slow and limited. 


Because the problem was never in the rider's riding. It was in the rider's subconscious programming. Something they can't overcome by riding their horse or riding any lesson horse. 


Finally, I found the missing link. The bridge to getting my riders and clients from  where they were to where they wanted to be. Not over years, or even a single year. My riders find permanent change in 90 days or less. All without having to be on the horse at all! 


Every day when I see a smile grow on my students' faces as they realize they are executing what they thought was an impossible goal, makes it all worthwhile.


Come with me to learn how easy it is to connect with your horse. Ride beautifully. Succeed competitively, and learn the path to Wholistic Riding & The Confident Rider.


I am not the teacher; I am simply the interpreter between horse and rider.

- Deb Brosnan 2012

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