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About Me - I walked more than a mile in your shoes (and fears)!

I am a Rapid Transformational Coach for Empaths & Intuitives. But before that I was an empath, psychic, animal communicator, medium (human and animal) and energy healer. 

I grew up with an innate ability to create in ways others could not. Being open about all the gifts I had was not an option growing up. Most I didn't understand, and there wasn't anyone who could explain what I could do.


But I did learn how to create through intuition and 'ideas' that would pop into my head growing up. I learned that what my friends thought impossible was in fact, quite possible for me. 

I have suffered through depression, anxiety, unconscious mood swings and more. I was told I needed to see a mental health professional, also 'you must have a hormonal problem you need to get fixed or you wouldn't act like this'. I outright refused. I sought to understand me. Why I was the way I was and in that; I found out I wasn't all that I seemed.


I have been blessed and guided by those who watch over me. Their information given to me through one of my many abilities. They guided me to friends and teachers who 'got me'.  Who smiled a knowing smile when I would tell them I was afraid of me. The power inside of me.  


People 'like' me were drawn to me. But I was always tired as I was the 'biggest' energy in our groups. I wanted to have someone who could help me be all of me. 

But now I look back and realize that if that had been the case I'd have been a completely different person. I'd have lost the opportunities in my life that allowed me to embrace my abilities. Expand my abilities and teach others how to do the same. 

When I stepped outside my own knowing, my own internal voice and listened to the opinions of the people around me, I faltered...I fell. 

I let people who didn't create like me, or understand me, influence me. Over time, I lost my belief in myself. It took quite a while to even realize how deeply I had allowed others' opinions to impact me.


But it gave me so much more than I lost! I found the way to let go of the limiting, fearful beliefs we have around ourselves, money, success and failure. I became a certified RTT Practitioner and integrated it into my coaching. 


When I finally stepped back into being me, everything  turned around on a dime.


My experience allowed me to be a teacher for others. 


It took me on a journey to further open the gifts I was born with.


To meet amazing people in my life, gifted like me.


To guide and teach them how to step into their own light, their own brilliance with THEIR gifts and create the life they always wanted to have. 


Without that failure all those years ago, I wouldn't have the skills to teach others how to recognize, avoid and correct a downward spiral.  Or if like me, you took a fall, how to get back up, dust themselves off and create better results.


I have the best job in the world, I teach intuitives how to create, manifest and thrive in their lives, their finances, and their businesses. 

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Deb Brosnan

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