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For Children & Teens

For over 20 years I have worked with children and teens teaching horseback riding. My style was always different as I taught children to ride from feeeelllling (yes feeling). Feel through their bodies. Feel the connection with the horse. The horses taught everything they needed to know about riding. I simply interpreted for them and let them connect. 

What I didn't realize was that all those years helped me to be ready for the emotional impact of Covid on children and teens. 

Now more than ever, I see children emotionally overwhelmed and unsure how to cope with returning to classrooms, large groups of people and more. 

Even simple day-to-day events can send children and teens into emotional turmoil. 

I have put together several programs for children: 

  • In emotional overwhelm

  • Those termed Empathic

  • Those termed Intuitive.


Each term above is a completely different emotional state with a different way of receiving and perceiving the world around them.  As such, each have specific differences to the programs.


My goal is to help them learn to work with the energy of the people and the world around them. To find their emotional balance, to find confidence and courage in every day life. 

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