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For everyone that has ever struggled to ride with ease. This book is for you! 

I spent the majority of my youth struggling to learn to ride. To find my balance. To find the ease in riding that it seemed everyone around me had.


It was as if my body couldn't do what the teachers were telling me I had to do.  As I grew up, I felt unbalanced and unsafe when riding. But my love of horses pushed me forward to find alternatives to being fearful. It drove me to find answers to bridge the gap.

As an adult I adopted an untrained mustang. Through her, I learned what riding was meant to be. Where the miscommunications stemmed from, how to rebuild my riding foundation.  


What I learned, I practiced and refined with my horses and my students over the past 20 years.  


All (but one) can be learned and practiced while sitting on a chair. Yes, you can improve your riding sitting in a chair!!! 


Now available to everyone, this book will help you learn the Path to Easy Riding! 

Available for Sale on April 30, 2019!!! Direct Download to you!

The Path to Easy Riding

Available April 30, 2019!

© Deb Brosnan - All Rights Reserved
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