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This is an in-person offering (travel costs may apply).


I have found that the efficacy of equine and animal energy healings dramatically increases when humans have their own energy sessions prior to their horse(s)/pets. Many times we as caretakers of animals forget that we must also take proper care of ourselves. Especially when our animals are ill, injured or not at their best. 

For the Human: 

We begin with a 90 minute energy session for you. The session works on meridian points that release stress and tension. You are fully clothed and lay on a comfortable lounge chair. You will come out of this session, at the very least, feeling like you spent the day at the spa, relaxing.  

For the Horse:

Then I move onto a 60 minute energy healing for your equine. I work with mixed modalities for your equine to meet their specific requirements. Work is a combination of hands on and hands off. 

Please Note:

You must have the ability to have the energy session in a location removed from foot traffic and commotion at your farm/barn for both you and your horse. (Sorry, no sessions in pastures w/other horses or animals.)

Energy Sessions for Both Rider & Horse

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  • Life happens to all of us. Please remember if you have an emergency, email or call Deb first.

    Otherwise, if you need to cancel:

    For local in-person sessions, there is a 48-hour minimum for cancellation.

    If Deb is traveling (by air or must stay in a hotel etc) there is a 7-day cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 7 days, you may be responsible for the cost of airfare, hotel fees, etc.